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Massey Ferguson Club
Friday 18th April
7.30pm till 11.30pm
Tickets: £3 each or £10 for a family ticket (x2 adults, x3 children)
All children will get an Easter egg.
 There will be prizes for the best Easter bonnet.....so get making!

Dates For Your Diary
6th June - Presentation night for under 7's, 8's, 9's teams @ Masseys
13th June - Presentation night for under 10's, 11's,11 Colts @ Masseys
22nd June - Club Fun Day @ Ponderosa
27th June - Presentation night under 12's, 12 Colts, 14's, 14 Colts
29th June - Dads football tournament @ Ponderosa
29th June - Warren Long loses AGAIN!!!!!!

March Newsletter 
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 Easter Football Camp 

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Want to play football?

Mount Nod JFC are always on the look out for new players to join all of our age groups.
If you are aged from 6 to 13 we have a team that needs you.
Interested? then please email your details to info@mountnod.com 

FREE Training at the Mount Nod JFC Soccer School
Our Saturday morning Soccer School is going as strong as ever. We are on the lookout
for all new school year one children to come and train with us at Mount Nod JFC, Do you have or
know of any year one children who want to play football? All children must be registered in advance.
Please feel free to register your child by clicking here

 Parents & Managers Charity Match 

Sunday 19th May saw our annual managers & parents football match.
The orange team was made up from soccer school, u7,u8(x2), u9, u10 
and the other team, the blue team was made up  from u10 colts, u11(x2), u13(x2)
It is fair to say the blue team were comfortable winners this year, The 4 - 1 result really flattered
the orange team as the blues could have easily got into double figures. 
All spectators enjoyed the lovely weather and the fine quality football played by the blue team.
It would be no surprise if Warren Long the orange team manager now resigns,
His time as manager was very poor as he cleary did not deliver with his pre match promise
of an easy victory. The good thing is Warren has to carry this burden for the next 12 months.
The victorious manager for the second year running Daz Lines got his team selection
spot on, the blue team played the orange team off the park for the second succesive year.
The blue team now lead the series 2-0 and look forward to making it 3 - 0 next year.

To see video & photo from the match click here 


























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